Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote in limpidity,
Morton Fox

#506, #507: The Cell Phone Fire Incident, Part 2

Time for another round of Limpidity. For this and all future updates, I'll put the strips in here too, but behind the cut. Enjoy.

#506: The Cell Phone Fire Incident, Part 2

#507: The Cell Phone Fire Incident, Part 2

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*smiles* Cute as always. ^_^ Why the cut, though?
Well, the two strips take up most of my screen, even with the browser window maximized. I think they would occupy excessive space in a friends list if not cut.
Mmmm... looks fine to me, though. :)
Limpidity O Limpidity
Elegance in simplicity
Thank goodness Morton
the strip is not abortin'
So we can still enjoy how good it be :)
Very nice. Thanks. :)